Finding Your Niche


Hi All!

I belong to a lot, I mean A LOT of entrepreneurial group…I’m finding that so many people don’t really know where they belong. Another words, they don’t know what they want to do…they only know they want to be their own business owners, but not sure where they want to be or how to even find their “place.” All this means is that they need to find their own niche.

I got to thinking, looked up some info, and found 5 great tips coming from Forbes that explain how to do this.

I made a video on this. Click on the link above. It explains all the deets necessary to find that niche of yours!


Christine Marie


Welcome to my new website and blog!

A bit about this journey…..I used to be a cosmetics rep….loved marketing and decided to take courses. Took the courses, but missed doing cosmetics.

Being the person I am, I decided to do both. Fast forward…and I decided I was GOING to do both. (You just can’t have the cake sitting there and not eating it, too!)

You can find me managing 2 business pages, studying, taking care of my family and managing 2 businesses!

I will be blogging at least once to twice a week. Maybe even more if time allows!

Welcome to my life, my journey, and my businesses!

Here’s to trying to do it all!


Christine Marie xxoo