Finding Your Niche


Hi All!

I belong to a lot, I mean A LOT of entrepreneurial group…I’m finding that so many people don’t really know where they belong. Another words, they don’t know what they want to do…they only know they want to be their own business owners, but not sure where they want to be or how to even find their “place.” All this means is that they need to find their own niche.

I got to thinking, looked up some info, and found 5 great tips coming from Forbes that explain how to do this.

I made a video on this. Click on the link above. It explains all the deets necessary to find that niche of yours!


Christine Marie

Tips and Tricks for the Lip!

Going with the latest trend in lip color may not always be your best option. Just because, say, blue lipstick is in fashion for the current moment, does not mean it will look good on you! Below I will list some tips and tricks on not only finding the best lip color for you, but tricks to make your lips look fuller and ways to keep your lip color lasting longer.

One trick to fuller looking lips is using a white pencil (Eyeliner…not one you draw with!) You simply color in the middle portion of the top and bottom part of your lips with the pencil. You then apply colored liner to the corners of your lips and then blend them together. Apply gloss, and you’re done!

Pull down your bottom lip….look at the color. The color you see of the inside is your perfect nude color for liipstick!

Exfoliate your lips! This is important. You don’t want your lips peeling with dry, chapped skin, and your lipstick will have a difficult time adhering to your lips. You can do this in a few different ways. You can use a product especially made for this, or you can take some brown sugar and rub it into your damp lips. Simply take a washcloth, and rub the mixture off. You can also use a toothbrush! Take the toothbrush and rub it lightly back and forth against your lips. You will not only flake off the dry parts, but your lips will get that rosy glow, due to the blood circulation.

Stay hydrated. You know how important it is to stay hydrated for keeping your skin healthy, right? Well, the same goes for your lips. They will chap and flake due to lack of hydration. Start drinking lots of water!

Want your lips to look pouty? Put a lighter color lipstick in the center of your bottom lip. Press your lips together, and boom! Instant pout!

Over line your lips. This will make your lips look fuller sans lip injections. A trick is to apply either foundation or concealer over your lips. This will blur the line between your lips and your face. Trace your lips with lip liner, lightly going beyond your actual lip line. You can now either fill in your lips with your lipstick or continue to fill in the entire lip with lip liner. Either add gloss or let it be.

Try a “plumping” lipstick. These usually contain peppermint oil. This ingredient will naturally plump the lip.

One last trick is when you contour, place a bit of contour under your lipline on your bottom lip. This will give the illusion of fuller lips!


Christine Marie

Easy Trick to Brighten Eyes!

We all get those nights of less sleep, no sleep, not enough sleep, etc. By the next morning, our eyes aren’t as “bright” as they could appear to be…..Here comes the trick.

I did a live today on my Facebook business page if you care to check it out…. (https://www.facebook.com/christinemariebeauty) if not, let me explain…

If you have a white or a nude eyeliner pencil, try dropping some of it on your waterline. Your eyes will look bigger, brighter, and you’ll look as if you got a full 8 hours of sleep in!

Here’s the skinny:

Nude eyeliner can also help make your eyes look bigger. It can make your eyes pop. It’s the same idea as using a highlighter…lighter colors brighten!

White eyeliner not only makes your eyes look larger, but also makes you look more awake. It also will cancel out any signs of a hangover, allergies, not enough sleep, or a long night out; regardless of your skin tone.

Whichever one you choose, you’ll look bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time!


Christine Marie

Highlighting– be BRIGHT!

Highlighting is nothing to be afraid of..yet so many people think they’re too old, they may “shine” too much, or that they will draw waaaay too much attention to their face. I’m here to tell you, don’t be afraid, you’re not too old, and you can shine on as much as you want to!

Highlighting, or strobing as it is sometimes called, is nothing to be scared of. When done properly, you can get that glow and shine on my sister!

There are areas that are often highlighted. This includes the center of the nose, tops of cheekbones, center of your forehead, and sometimes the cupid’s bow area of the mouth. Wherever you choose to highlight or strobe…..go for it! You’ll be bright like that beautiful star on a clear night!

First, let’s choose a highlighter. You can use a cream, a powder, a cream-to-powder, or a liquid. I like to use creams or cream-to-powder ones, but this is my personal choice. Next, choose the areas you wish to highlight. Chin, cheekbones, straight down the nose, cupid’s bow, etc….

Now, shine on you bright star!!


Christine Marie